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Images may not represent actual product and finish
Images may not represent actual product and finish

Morris Products 96118

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Number of Ports: 2
Torque/Inch-lb.: 330
Bolt Head Size: 5/8"
Main Range: 500 - 2/0
Tap Range: 4/0 - 4
Height: 5.4"
Width: 3.1"
Length: 5.0"
Box Qty: 4
Part Number: MOR_96118
Availability: In Stock.
Morris 96118 Above Ground Insulation Piercing Connectors Main 500-2/0 Tap 4/0-4

Above Ground Insulation Piercing Connectors 2 Bolt Main 500-2/0 Tap 4/0-4 - Anyone can use our Above Ground Connector

Above Ground Insulation Piercing Connectors 2 Bolt Main 500-2/0 Tap 4/0-4 features include:

  • Connector Installs In Just Minutes Saving Many Man-Hours On The Job
  • Eliminates Wire Stripping, Connecting & Taping of Split Bolts and Adding Inhibitor
  • Above ground connector can be installed on Energized Circuits eliminating Power Shutdowns
  • Overhead services - both insulated & bare mains, above grade URD services, street lighting, non-tension splicing & tapping, insulated replacement for split bolts, tapping without cutting the main, gutter taps.
  • Double shear-head bolt guarantees correct torque tightening every time, ensuring a quality connection, & eliminating the possibility of hot spots, damaged wires or loose connections
  • No cable stripping required, simply insert the jacketed cable into the entry port & tighten with a 1/2” 6 point socket
  • The bolt and all external parts of the connector are completely isolated from energized parts and the bolt is covered by the plastic shear-head.  The installer has no contact at any point with an energized part.
  • Can be installed on energized conductors, however, the tap must not be under load.
  • Corrosion-free connection is good for hot, cold, damp, & salty connections.  Properly installed the connector seals water-tight. This is accomplished by a sealant tank, that during installation is compressed and forces sealant out to protect the connection from oxygen and water.  Copper teeth are tin plated, shell is high strength UV resistant thermoplastic insulating material, steel bolts are galvanized.
  • The connector bodies are made from high-strength fiber-reinforced thermoplastic and galvanized steel bolts
  • UL486B Listed for cu to cu, al to al, & cu to al; 600 Volt, 194°F (90°C) Rated, Meets ANSI C119.4 requirements
  • Model #'s: 96102 (TTD0510F), 96104 (TTD0810F), 96106 (TTD1010FBTUNI), 96108 (TTD1510FT), 96110 (TTD1810XFBTUNI), 96112 (TTD2110FBTUNI), 96114 (TTD2710FBTUNI), 96116 (TTD4010FBT), 96118 (TTD4310FBT), 96120 (TTD4510FT), 96122 (TTD5510FBT)
  • Order Qty of 1 = 1 Piece

Below is more info on our Above Ground Insulation Piercing Connectors 2 Bolt Main 500-2/0 Tap 4/0-4


Ship via: Can Ship UPS

Color: Black

Connector Type: Insulation Piercing - Above Ground

Country of Origin: Usa

Direct Burial Rating: UL 467 Listed For Direct Burial & Grounding/Bonding Applications

Insulation Type: Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoplastic

Material: Copper

Maximum Voltage: 600

Mfg Standard: ANSI C119.4 Compliant

Temperature Rating: 194 oF 90oC

Type: Above Ground Insulation Piercing Connectors

Ul Listing: UL

Upc: 601986961189

Wire Range: 500-4

Wire Size: 500-4